G3 Lasers Energi-Vac
G3 Lasers Energi-Vac

G3 Lasers Energi-Vac

This device is most effective in preventing physicians from being directly infected with COVID-19.

Friendly in all conch shells in the medical field –

* ENT / Head & Neck Surgery
* Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
* Ophthalmology
* Surgical Oncology
* Gynecology
* Orthopedics
* Dental / Maxillo Facial / Craniofacial Surgery
* ICU / ICCU / Laboratory
* Consultation Room
* Minor Procedure Rooms

The device is designed to be used by physicians in two ways –

* ENERGI-Mini vac

Functionality and features of the device –

* ULPA process in 7 steps filters out and produces 99.9995% pure air
* The noise level of the device is only 35 decibels down during operation
* Usage friendly memory hose, which can be run in any direction in any direction
* Plasma process releases large amounts of fresh oxygen
* Contains powerful UV-C, which helps in quick purification
* Can be moved in any direction as it is wheeled
* It is very easy to change any part of the device or fix technical defects

Collect today in the interest of providing safe medical care and protecting physicians.

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